County of Wallenby

The County of Wallenby was once a thriving  agricultural and seaport community. A series of misfortunes began to caused the population to dwindle, and then to crumble altogether. For over 6 decades, mishap after mishap befell the people of Wallenby, until the only citizens left were people with nowhere else to go. Crops fail to thrive, harvest are barely enough to keep mind and body together. The sea has become wild and unpredictable. There are plenty of fish to be caught, but most fishermen succumb to accidents months to a few years after commencing their trade. No one knows what terrible sins caused these dark times to fall upon Wallenby-If there was a cause at all.

There are five principle areas within the county proper. First is the town of Wallenby itself, composed of fifty or sixty building and homes, although more than half are empty. The old town guild hall is now the combination inn/tavern/meeting area. It's propriter is Adeel, who has been the de facto mayor of Wallenby for the last decade.

  Watching over the town  is Wallenby Keep, a ruined and foul set of walls and towers infested with various orc and goblinkind, and a few of their allies: bandits from more civilized societies. These bandits sometimes plague the town and surrounding farms, but this activity has lessened in recent years, as there isn't much plunder to be had anymore. They make their living raiding nearby communities and traders by sea. If the raiders suffer the same fate as the fishermen of Wallenby, they aren't complaining to anyone about it.

 Next to the keep is the old Trefoil church. It housed the minor temples and altars of Wallenby, and had a wing for each of the three major gods worshipped there: Foltus, Celestian, and Istus. The Cult Sanguine had their own small temple overwatching the road between the town and keep. No one has ventured there for over 20 years. The screams that reverberate from the church dissuade the bravest adventurers. Julin himself never spoke of the Church, and none of his acolytes would tread there.

Surrounding the town and most of the farmland of Wallenby is Cotswald forest. There is plenty of game to be hunted here, but most hunters become prey in return. There are rumors of vicious packs of werewolves roaming the forest. There are even more rumors saying that these wild hunters are themselves preyed upon from time to time by a forest spirit known as the Trophyman.

And finally, at the base of the cliffs upon witch the Keep rests is the small port of Wallenby, situated on a small, calm harbor. The docks still stand, although they are in dire need of maintenance. It is claimed in old shipping manifests that a series of caverns and hollowed out chambers led from the docks all the way up through the cliffs into Wallenby itself, but no one in living memory has managed to find any entrance into this underground complex.

County of Wallenby

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